Fried Cheesecake

Santa Cruz

Our afternoon at Santa Cruz with not a cloud in the sky was fabulous.  We had lunch there – nothing to really shout about but we did spring for a fried cheesecake.  Normally, I would never
have touched the stuff but my daughter wanted to try it out.
They take cheesecake, batter it up and deep fat fry it.  It really was delicious but I am sure that my arteries are still trying to adjust back to normal.

Found parking across the street and a very friendly lady told us  that if we spent a dollar for arcade coins that we could use them in the meter and it would be much cheaper parking. We did and she was right.

The sky was so blue that I thought I was back in Utah only we don’t have palm trees in Utah.

Grandma, what is this stuff getting into my purple shoes that I can put on by myself?

Okay grandma, get up and take me back out onto
the sand stuff that seeps into our shoes! 

I thought
that these were my skinny jeans.


7 thoughts on “Fried Cheesecake

  1. Susan

    Hi Ruth! I must say fried cheesecake sounds quite intriguing. I've never heard of battering it up and frying it! Wowsers. The little grandbaby is adorable. And I think you look great! Susan p.s. Thanks for your visit and comment to my blog, too.

  2. June

    In Scotland they batter Mars bars – never tried it. I think I'd try a cheesecake in batter before the Mars bar! Your grand-daughter looks so cute in her little purple shoes.June

  3. Shopgirl

    Fried cheesecake, must be really good. Your grandson is adorable, I love that he has purple shoes. I need a vacation somewhere, anywhere. I do love the California coast…Palm Tree's, sea and sand!!! Big Hugs, Mary

  4. Rosie

    Fried cheesecake is new to me! It does sound very rich but I expect it doesn't harm to try it just the once. Those skies look so blue and your grand child is very cute in purple shoes:)


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