Greek Fest

The Greek Fest was held outside in a historic part of Monterey where old buildings have been turned into museums near a walking tour of old Monterey. Going to a Greek Fest is one of my favorite occasions because of the delicious food, the glorious pastries and Greek dancing.

A group of dancers entertaining in their costumes at Monterey.

I enjoyed this event but I had to compare it to the Greek Fest that is held annually in Salt Lake City.  There is a much larger population of Greek participants in Salt Lake and so, therefore, they have a larger variety of food, of the anticipated melt in your mouth pastries and dancers. The SLC Greek Orthodox Church has a large youth program which include the Goya Dancers from ages 15 to 21 and junior Goya Dancers – ages 10 to 14.  There is public dancing as well.

Greek Fest in SLC with the men wearing skirts and pom poms on their special Greek shoes. Let me tell you, those guys can dance!

Senior Goya Dancers

Junior Goya Dancers

I even danced with some folk dancers at the Greek fest in Monterey under the blue sky only a block from the deep blue ocean.  It was a perfect day not being too hot nor too cold – just above 70 degrees F. 

I read in the Salt Lake Deseret News that over 50,000 people attended the Greek Fest this year.  I was too tired to even attempt to go after I got back.  I needed a week to recoup from my month long trip.

Kataifi (left upper corner – its like a gigantic Nabisco shredded wheat only this one has sweet sauce and nuts on the bottom – yum!) Powdered sugar shortbread cookie – Kourabiethes (koo-rah-BYEH-thes)
Baklava is the triangle.  It is probably the best of the bunch
except for the honey soaked doughnut holes.

You get a better deal in SLC, the prices are lower than in California. Of course, everything is more expensive in California.

6 thoughts on “Greek Fest

  1. Anne

    Hi Ruth, I love greek food too and we have been to greece several times.I always come home weighing more than I went! Especially love the sweet goodies like those you featured!I have never heard of a greek fest before.

  2. Paulette

    Milwaukee hosts many ethnic festival, as you know, since you have attend Polish Fest. They do not have a Greet Fest in Milwaukee so I was very interested in viewing your photos and reading your descriptions.

  3. Snap

    Enjoyed your post and it brought back memories for me of the Greek Fest in New Mexico! It was held the same time as the balloon festival and we would balloon in the morning and eat well in the afternoon! Sweet Memories!

  4. Jo

    I visited Greece twenty four years ago, I don't know why we haven't been back since. I love watching the dancing, though I'm not a very good dancer myself.


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