Little Bliss List for September

What’s behind the green door?

1. Green Door keeps rambling behind in my mind but I can’t remember all of the lyrics.  I just remember what’s behind the green door and someone trying to get in.

2. I am ready to take off for Poland.  Some days I feel that I might just jump on a plane and fly to Poland without signing up for any tour. I am also thinking of going on a cruise at Thanksgiving with the rest of the singles.

3. My cats are jumping for joy to have me home and to be able to go outside again. Abbie loves the outdoors so she spends most of her day outside.  I taught her not to go out at night where Mr. Grey and White Meany can beat her up and Mr. Largo Orange walks the neighborhood looking for a fight. They would make great pals with Colonel Mustard, Mr. Green and Scarlett.

3. I am slowly getting back to making jewelry.  I have an order for bridesmaids for a wedding. We have finalized the design of the bracelets to go with the earrings. 

4. We’ve had very nice weather in the low 80’s for two weeks now. More of my tomatoes are turning red – just enough for fresh cut tomatoes in salads. I made six half pints of rhubarb freezer jam (some with strawberries and some with cherries).  I gotta admit the strawberries really give them the best flavor.

5. Abbie brought me a present and left it on the back step. Thank heavens she didn’t get it in the house! A neighbor told me that we had lizards close by but this is the first time I’ve seen one in 17 years.

 Liv Lane’s Little Bliss List for Friday doesn’t seem to be up; she might be taking break.


5 thoughts on “Little Bliss List for September

  1. Rosie

    I've enjoyed reading your 'bliss list' What a present to receive! I love your bracelet – so pretty! I remember the song 'Green Door' on Uncle Mac's 'Children's Favourites' on the radio when I was little:)

  2. June

    Love the bracelet. I'm absolutely terrified of lizards – ever since my Grandad told me that they were really dangerous. He had a pond by the roadside and obviously told me this to prevent me going out there to play but I think he overdid it. On holiday once when I saw a lizard in my sandal as I was sitting around a pool I became all faint and threw up!June

  3. Jo

    I love the photo of Abbie and the lizard. She must have been so proud to have brought you a terrific present like that. I wish my tomatoes would ripen, I've cut them all off the plants now as there's no hope of them turning red outdoors, it's turned so cold, so I'm hoping that they'll ripen up on the windowsill.


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