Path of History

After a scrumptious lunch at the Greek Fest, we did a walking tour of Old Monterey.

Following the old brick road, we found these little golden round plaques within the walking path – every couple of feet, there was another plaque in a different language.

Wisteria gone wild – within an enclosed garden area that also contained a charming fountain. 

Wisteria covered the entire westside of the private garden.

Pacific House with the wonderful enclosed courtyard was a delight.

A pond with fish and water lilies.

Don’t you just love water lilies? My daughter ended up in the pond too!

My granddaughter had to touch the water with her peek a boo knees. She and her brother are rough tumblers. This fountain was in another area of the grand old section of Montery.

I think that this is called a butterfly bush. Rachael and Sean posed for me holding on to their water bottles for dear life.

Another strange looking tree but the est part of the photo are my grandchildren.


8 thoughts on “Path of History

  1. Jo

    Such adorable grandchildren. You must miss them terribly whilst you're away from them, Ruth, but I'm sure all these lovely photo's keep you going, as well as Skype.

  2. June

    Lovely photos of your grand-children. Looks like you all had a super day out with lots of sunshine. There's none here but there is plenty of rain!June

  3. Rosie

    Lovely photos! I like the twisted, strange looking trees and the enclosed courtyard looks so cool and peaceful – a shelter from the heat of the day:)


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