Too Weird for Words

I saw this on Etsy today and was weirded out but if you like it the shop is found on this link: Etsy

Another photo from fashion ettas or eastas or whatever they are called:  The hat makes me think of a bird but the see through dress is even more weird especially since she is not wearing anything underneath but skin.  I tell ya ladies – fashion has gone too far!

Giles Spring 2013

It finally rained last night and the temps have dropped from 80 to 69. My 2006 tv broke (no picture), my disposal is broke and now I’m broke. These big ole HDTVs are too expensive not to last any longer than 6 years. 

The best part of my week was attending the 139th temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – the Brigham City Temple dedication held on Sunday was televised throughout Utah, and part of southern Idaho and western Wyoming via satellite. They talked about how Brigham Young sent families to Willard, Brigham City and the surrounding smaller towns like Perry to settle those areas in 1859 or thereabouts. 

My great great grandparents, Joseph and Nancy Nicholas were sent to Willard. Joseph was originally from Parma, Ohio and Nancy Allen was from Willsboro, New York. Joseph’s father Jesse Nicholas was from Bowdoin, Maine. When Joseph left Maine with six other related families, they dug up the remains of young Joseph Nicholas who had died prematurely at age 14 and took him along. He was reburied in Ohio.


6 thoughts on “Too Weird for Words

  1. Jo

    That hat reminds me of a mushroom. Sorry to hear about your tv, I'd be lost with no tv, especially now the new series of Downton Abbey is on, though there's loads of rubbish on there too.

  2. Rosie

    Yes, the beard thing is definitely weird. The hat and dress remind me of an old fashioned lamp standard in the corner of a room. I do like the shimmering colour of it though:)


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