Pacific Grove Picnic

View of the Pacific Ocean from our picnic table.

Stranger under the purple tree in Monterey.

I wonder just how often this Pacific Grove home gets photographed; it was directly across the street from the ocean picnic area where we lunched on that exquisite French food from the Paris Bakery. I still drool just thinking about that food!

Rach eating her cookie from the Paris Bakery. She is sweet but also addicted to sweets. It is interesting that Naomi can say, momma, dada and Rachael but not Sean and or course definitely not grandma.

Naomi was not too happy being in the stroller; she wanted to look in the pond too!

Pacific Grove is just west of Monterey and in fact, they merge together so that you don’t know when you leave one city and enter the other unless you see a sign.


7 thoughts on “Pacific Grove Picnic

  1. June

    Lovely photos – that purple tree is amazing. I've never seen anything like it. KP used to hate going into her pushchair – getting her into it was as challenging as doing origami!June


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