Ice Cold Hands

The company that I used to work for had multiple trailers and a few real buildings spread out on the west side of Salt Lake City close to the shorter mountains. Acres and acres were fenced in with barbed wire on top as if what we were making would keep anyone from spying or climbing the fence. 

I was chosen to work in several of those trailers. Every time management gave us a new boss, we had to move to another trailer.  After years, it left me with claustrophobia because there were no windows.  After all, if there was a window, a spy could see into the maze of cubicles.

I was privileged to have an office of my own through my last years of service. Our winters were twice as bad as those just east in Salt Lake City. There was the lake affect which left us with twice as much snow.  You are probably wondering where I am going with this.

A friend sent me this photo and I immediately thought – I could have used that because of the numb fingers from the cold. We each had our own space heater in the office but it never quite reached the hands.

Back to someone looking over your shoulder, how about this one?

But for those of us who are claustrophobic, not on your life would I even put it on!


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