Bliss List after the Harvest Moon

1. My roses are still blooming.  I am still getting red tomatoes from my one tomato plant. Nothing beats fresh picked tomatoes from your garden.

2. Got my passport out and I am ready to go.  I am cruising down the Pacific to the Mexican Rivera for a week.  Hope to get some sun and meet new people. That means I need to go shopping and get some new sandals, a fancy dress and knick knacks for my trip.

3. I was loopy but I didn’t get a migraine during the Harvest Moon. Hip hip hooray!

4. I created some new angels for the Christmas Season.

5. Today was an awesome day at the pool. I love swimming and water aerobics three days a week. I may add an extra day to held me lose a couple more pounds.

Join in with the party at the Little Bliss List at Liv Lane’s blog.


3 thoughts on “Bliss List after the Harvest Moon

  1. Jo

    A wonderful bliss list there, Ruth. I've had to bring my tomatoes in on to the windowsill to ripen, they wouldn't budge in the greenhouse. Don't home grown taste wonderful? The Mexican Riviera sounds exotic, I wish I were coming with you. Thank goodness you didn't get a migrane. I don't suffer myself, but my mum used to so I know how bad they can be. I love your little angels, so cute. Good for you going to water aerobics, I should take your cue and shed some extra pounds myself.

  2. Shopgirl

    Migranes are so hard to deal with, it's like taking little chunks out of your life. I had them for many years, just hearing about them scares me.I want to buy at least one set of your Angels earrings, are they in your etsy yet?I am trying to shed some pounds, it would be so good for me. You go girl!!!! Hugs, Mary

  3. Rosie

    Good bliss list. Wish we had ripe tomatoes, like Jo we have had to bring them all in and we are trying to ripen them indoors in the window sill or in a bowl with a banana or two to help the process. Hope you have a great holiday:)


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