Fountain in the Parking Lot

I had forgotten that I took a photo of this gorgeous fountain in the parking lot next to my dentist’s office.  His office is not in the building in the background but on the opposite side.  His building curves into a half circle so that from every room you can see the rocky mountains in their grandeur. 

My family doctor sent me for a test at the hospital this week ; and as I was leaving, I noticed a white Christmas tree with pink hearts all over it.  I was ready to get my dander up but as I drew closer, I noticed that every heart had a name of a person and a date who has survived cancer so it is really a cancer tree.

I, did, however go into a store to pay $1.50; I was totally annoyed to be billed because the person I talked to on the phone told me one amount and it ended up that he was wrong thus creating a bill being sent to me as part of an overcharge.  Stores have computers so why is it that they cannot bring up the total in your account – I think they do this on purpose (a conspiracy so that they can charge late fees).  I guess you might say I was rather miffed at them altogether, especially when I did see a Christmas tree all decorated and it is not even Halloween yet!


6 thoughts on “Fountain in the Parking Lot

  1. Jan

    It's a spectacular fountain. Christmas seems slower than usual in hitting the high street this year. The cancer tree sounds lovely. My Mum beat breast cancer almost 20 years ago. It seems a shame that she's now having to deal with Huntingdon's Disease too.

  2. Rosie

    The tree is a wonderful idea, there was one a few years ago in our local shopping centre where people could add a name and hang it on the tree but that was for remembrance. The fountain is wonderful and I like the idea of being able to see it from all windows of a building:)

  3. June

    A great fountain. Cancer is a terrible illness. We too have lost many members of the family to it – the OH's twin sister. His brother also had cancer when he was 19, he is now 40. A tale of loss and survival.June


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