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Upside Down

I just could not resist;
he was so cute just
looking at the world
upside down.

Sometimes I feel that I am
looking at the world in the
same way. It gives a
whole different perspective.

I borrowed him from Pinterest
which draws me in now and
then.  At first I was like a junky
with a computer habit that I
was compelled to go to.

I have friends who don’t do
anything with Pinterest – they
do not get it. You cannot get
hooked unless you participate.
They are non-participaters.

She Tugs at my Heart

My little granddaughter tugs at my heart – after all, my daughter and grandchildren were living with me when she was born and they lived at my home for 8 months while my son-in-law was doing military training. 

I was trying to find the photo of my kids showing the Annie dress and a crayon which I made.  I had already scanned the photo and accidentally found it on my computer a couple of days after I had scoured all of the my picture albums spending way too much time trying to find one old photo.

I wonder if this had an influence on my daughter because now she actually does her hair a red auburn when she is one of those natural blondes whose hair never turns light brown. I was always steamingly jealous of my older brother because his blonde hair never turned brown. It just went from blonde to a grey blonde.