She Tugs at my Heart

My little granddaughter tugs at my heart – after all, my daughter and grandchildren were living with me when she was born and they lived at my home for 8 months while my son-in-law was doing military training. 

I was trying to find the photo of my kids showing the Annie dress and a crayon which I made.  I had already scanned the photo and accidentally found it on my computer a couple of days after I had scoured all of the my picture albums spending way too much time trying to find one old photo.

I wonder if this had an influence on my daughter because now she actually does her hair a red auburn when she is one of those natural blondes whose hair never turns light brown. I was always steamingly jealous of my older brother because his blonde hair never turned brown. It just went from blonde to a grey blonde.


Fountain in the Parking Lot

I had forgotten that I took a photo of this gorgeous fountain in the parking lot next to my dentist’s office.  His office is not in the building in the background but on the opposite side.  His building curves into a half circle so that from every room you can see the rocky mountains in their grandeur. 

My family doctor sent me for a test at the hospital this week ; and as I was leaving, I noticed a white Christmas tree with pink hearts all over it.  I was ready to get my dander up but as I drew closer, I noticed that every heart had a name of a person and a date who has survived cancer so it is really a cancer tree.

I, did, however go into a store to pay $1.50; I was totally annoyed to be billed because the person I talked to on the phone told me one amount and it ended up that he was wrong thus creating a bill being sent to me as part of an overcharge.  Stores have computers so why is it that they cannot bring up the total in your account – I think they do this on purpose (a conspiracy so that they can charge late fees).  I guess you might say I was rather miffed at them altogether, especially when I did see a Christmas tree all decorated and it is not even Halloween yet!

Busy in my Shop

Here are some of my latest creations which are now in my Etsy Shop.

The silver balls with fuchsia crystals are my favorite so far but I also have some gold balls.  I have a beautiful zircon blue crystal I think would look lovely with a matted gold ball.

Black zebra collection.

My favorite with the zircon blue:

Last Friday I was relaxing in the hot tub after our water aerobic class when along comes a little girl about 10 years old. Schools were out for some reason or other but what shocked me was that she was wearing the exact same swim suit that I had on. I just hate it when someone else is wearing the same thing I am wearing.  I guess I could say, well she has good taste but I always think, she looks better in it than me.

Bliss List after the Harvest Moon

1. My roses are still blooming.  I am still getting red tomatoes from my one tomato plant. Nothing beats fresh picked tomatoes from your garden.

2. Got my passport out and I am ready to go.  I am cruising down the Pacific to the Mexican Rivera for a week.  Hope to get some sun and meet new people. That means I need to go shopping and get some new sandals, a fancy dress and knick knacks for my trip.

3. I was loopy but I didn’t get a migraine during the Harvest Moon. Hip hip hooray!

4. I created some new angels for the Christmas Season.

5. Today was an awesome day at the pool. I love swimming and water aerobics three days a week. I may add an extra day to held me lose a couple more pounds.

Join in with the party at the Little Bliss List at Liv Lane’s blog.


I actually found this photo on Facebook. I am not enamored with Facebook as my daughter is but I go take a peek every blue moon to see if she has added pictures.  I do, however, enjoy the birthdays. I must say that I have never had so many people wish me a happy birthday except on Facebook.

So this is what I borrowed from it to share for Halloween month.

Many moons ago, I was on a cruise ship going through a canal that was built during WWII by Massachusetts. We were all on deck looking at the scenery on both sides of the ship and at the tiny boats in the waterway that we were passing when all of a sudden, an old fella in a small fishing boat with an outboard motor, just dropped his pants along with his undies and mooned the whole ship. Well, I never! And yes, I have ever been mooned again.